The modular processing system
for industrial recycling materials

BLUELINE is a dynamically reconfigurable processing system with a modular design.

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What advantages does BLUELINE offer?

System solution

The product range covers nearly all established process steps for the dry mechanical processing of recycling material. It is an all-in-one solution with conveying technology and control on board.


A modular structure makes it possible to tailor the process arrangement individually to the feed material and easily expand the system.


All modules are designed as 20-foot containers. This design makes it easy to use common means of transport, such as ships, trains and lorries.

Industry 4.0

The IT-based control supports the user during set-up, configuration and commissioning and enables ongoing optimisation as well as monitoring across locations.


BLUELINE supports both centralized and decentralized processing of industrial waste materials. All that is needed is a power supply. This is efficient and sustainable.


BLUEBOX enables the connection of BLUELINE to an existing systemboth upstream and downstream.

Economic efficiency

Even with frequently changing, differing or small batches of industrial recycling materials, BLUELINE enables economical processing. We are continuously further developing our modules. This way, your system is always up to date.

The BLUELINE product range

Perfectly coordinated with each other

BLUELINE provides an extensive product range that covers nearly all established process steps for the dry mechanical processing of recycling material - all from a single source and all coordinated with each other.
Modules with an hourglass symbol are currently still in development.




State-of-the-art system control

The decentralised, IT-based control is operated wirelessly using a tablet.This completely new type of system control makes it possible for the user to have reproducible processing success for different material flows.

Established machine parameters for a processing procedure can be called up at any time and are fully configured automatically by the system based on which material flow is currently being processed. In addition to the intelligent control, BLUELINE also includes all conveying and dosing technology..

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    Rely on BLUELINE: We develop and produce our products in Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Austria. Long-time, established partners guarantee the best technology behind our system.

    In addition to our industry partners, we also rely on collaboration with established research facilities.

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