LINETECHNOLOGY makes recycling profitable worldwide!

We are the recycling game-changers

We set ourselves the goal of preserving the planet with our technology by increasing the emphasis on recycling worldwide.

This requires first-class solutions that also have an economic benefit. That is exactly what we offer with BLUELINE.


How did BLUELINE come to be?

Responsible handling of waste and industrial recycling materials to conserve resources is absolutely necessary from an ecological standpoint, but often fails because of unprofitable recycling systems.

Buzzwords such as "circular economy" or "cradle to cradle" describe visions and goals to stop our consumer society from harming our planet.

The Austrian company LINETECHNOLOGY was born from a research and development institute of IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH in 2019. For decades, the institute has been developing and producing innovative machines that are used in stationary processing systems.

However, in addition to centralised, stationary processing systems, there is a need for technology that makes both decentralised recycling as well as the processing of low quantities of industrial residue economically viable in order to facilitate the "circular economy” on a global scale.

This new type of flexible processing was achieved and implemented through collaboration with other companies and their sorting technologies as well as a modular design, among other factors.

The result of this extensive development work is an innovation the likes of which the world has never seen! LINETECHNOLOGY GmbH offers these modular, dynamically reconfigurable and container-based processing systems under the BLUELINE name.

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    Rely on BLUELINE: We develop and produce our products in Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Austria. Long-time, established partners guarantee the best technology behind our system.

    In addition to our industry partners, we also rely on collaboration with established research facilities.

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