Our practical expansions support you in the comfortable handling of your BLUELINE, as well as in the handling of your output and input streams.

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Floor-level conveyors for easy manoeuvring and positioning of BLUELINE modules in the course of system setup, conversion or removal.

Total mass

1,600 kg


1,810 x 920 x 1,620 mm


Up to 16 t with a 3 % slope

Power supply

wet cell battery 80 V / 180 Ah

Safety equipment

During operation, the system issues an audible warning signal and the warning light flashes

Automatic locking

Is for safe transportation of a module/container

Flexible & Manoeuvrable
Turning angle of > 90° for exact positioning in the most confined spaces
Maintenance flap
To easily reach the charging cable in the SUPPORT MOVER
Wireless remote control

For convenient and ergonomic operation. No driving licence or other qualifications are needed for operation.

  • Range 500 m
  • Response time 100 ms
  • Frequency band 863 - 870 MHz (20 channels)

High-capacity wet cell battery with charge status display and charging station

-> External charging station is supplied

Hook support
Locking device for simple transportation of the module/container

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